Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wanna Sell some Stuff? or Buy some Stuff? Read Below!

You will need to email the following:

Photos of the item/s you want to sell/swap
Price if it is for Sale
Shipping Cost
Shipping Location
The email address associated w/your paypal acct. so I can process payment to you

It costs nothing to list an item, and you can keep it up for as long as you want. I curate the items to ensure quality!

Sellers are responsible for lost/damaged items in the mail so to be safe, always ship w/ a tracking #.

For the service:
items less than $30 = 5%
I take a $7 flat fee per item sold for $30-$99
items over $100 = 10%
(I have a lot of experience with ebay, etsy & paypal policies, etc. so in providing this one stop place to sell your goods, I take a small fee.)

It is simple! Email me at stating which item you want, I will write back with confirmation and send you an invoice via paypal (all payments must be made through paypal). First buyer to pay locks in the item. All of your shipping details are transferred to seller & your item is shipped!

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